April 22nd Earthday

A thrilling article by The Kresge Foundation titled, Earth Day 2021: Climate and Clean Energy Equity Fund uses grassroots power building to tackle climate change, just popped into my inbox and I happen to feel very strongly about many of the solutions they are providing . After you have read this post, click on the link to have a read of the orginal article.

Climate change, community, equity focused solutions and providing local jobs are hot topics close to people's hearts right now. We believe the wolrd has seen unpresidented change during CoVid and only highlighted that we need to get back to basics. These topics need to be addressed and are the top of the list on people's agenda.

The article talks about how The Kresge Foundation is sweeping across the country provdng clean energy on a large scale and using that as a tool to overcome the problems named above. They currently partner with other organizations in eight states, inlcuding Virgina, Florida and North Carolina with plans to add more. And as any large scale project, I envision , if its successful it could be rolled out country wide.

Let's celebrate The Kresge Foundation in creating change and upholding values that are close to Tonbo Affects heart. Thank you for creating a postive impact in peoples lives.

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