Biden Pledges to slash Greenhouse Gases by 50%

On Earthday, President Joe Biden has pledged to slash greenhouse gases by 50% with a target of 2030. 

In an article by CNBC Biden pledges to slash greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030. A timely pledge by President Biden on Earthday he is joined by another 40 state leaders from around the world in a climate change summit on Thursday and Friday. Click on the link above to read the article and watch the summit live.

The article suggests that the Biden administration will pump $2 trillion into initiatives to help reduce emissions and slow down the heating up of our earth.

As well as a positive impact on our climate, Tonbo Affect believes that this can tackle other challenges in our society. Such as advancing technology faster than ever that creates wide spread solar energy, and create local and diverse employment. 

In the 1930's US president Franklin Delano Roosevelt united America again, after the great depression, by focusing on the infrastructure of the country. Is this an opportunity to again rebuild the infrastructure of the country in a greener way with a goal of both addressing climate change as well as unifying the country as FDR did in the 30's?

More recently, humans managed to develop many vaccines near 5 times faster than normal, when faced with the adversity of CoVid 19. This shows that humans have the potential when pushed hard enough. Each of us already have the potential to meet these targets - what's your potential?

What are you doing to make an impact in this world?

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Tom Lacey, Tonbo Affect LLC