‘Children’s Hope Alliance brings Hope and Healing to North Carolina Children’

We can go without food for 3 weeks.

We can go without water for 3 days.

We can go without air for 3 minutes.

However, we cannot go for 3 seconds without HOPE.

An article on HCPress.com titled ‘Children’s Hope Alliance brings Hope and Healing to North Carolina Children’, tells a beautiful story of HOPE and inspiration to help people not as fortunate as you or I.

We all have different needs and one of those human needs is fulfillment. We all need it in different doses and the question you should ask yourself is: How much of a dose of fulfillment medication do I need?

If you love doing something for others and live your life through service, then read the HCPress.com article.

The article, by authors Katherine Hart and Karrigan Hall tells us about the long 125-year history of the Children’s Hope Alliance right through to its present-day dealings. Firstly, they are ‘providing homes, foster care and adoption programs. Healing is a huge part of the mission; as part of the mission, Children’s Hope Alliance cares for not only the children, but also for the families who have faced mental and physical abuse or neglect.’   Quote from article

Mental health and abuse of children has always been in our society, however with organizations like the Children’s Hope Alliance we are aware today more than ever.

We want to celebrate the work of the Children’s Hope Alliance (link to website) in giving these children HOPE. We also celebrate the authors for their excellent article highlighting this great work. 

We cannot go for 3 seconds without HOPE!

Your mission if you choose to accept it: Is to give HOPE to one person today.


 Tom Lacey