Competition time - Your first opportunity for Prizes to be won

Competition time…. 

Prizes to be won….

Rules at the end….

People get excited and trust you that little bit more when you keep your promise. What is your promise? Keeping your promise is easier said than done, right?

At Tonbo Affect, we believe it is much easier to keep your promises when you have values that you live by? The more those values are instilled in your everyday routine the easier it becomes to create natural conversations and relationships with others. For example, you may find iIt is easier to tell a love one the hard truth, because it’s coming from value-driven, well intended thoughts. You will more likely be doing something FOR someone instead of doing something TOO someone, with the care and compassion of looking at things from their point of view. This is one of our favorite values, called EMPATHY.

At Tonbo Affect we grow in relation to our growing community and we want to highlight the individuals or small businesses that follow similar values as we do. In addition, we want to celebrate  individuals or small businesses that have had a positive Impact in the lives of our community members. 

We are asking for your help in giving us suggestions on who YOU think we should celebrate. Your suggestion might be based on, for example, the actions or values of an individual or organization and the BIG impact this had in your life. 

Criteria for entry:

They MUST uphold and demonstrate ALL 5 of the Tonbo Affect Values:

  1. Honest and Supportive Relationships
  2. Actions That Foster Communities to Thrive
  3. Equity Focused Solutions
  4. Positive Growth Mindset
  5. Achieving Authentic Expression

Starting June 1st, every day for 30 days we will highlight a different small business based on one of your suggestions, telling the story of why they fit into the values criteria, why they are an inspiration to others and why they are the Tonbo Affect in the world.

Here are 3 suggestions for ideas:

Do you personally know them and can vouch for their values?

Have they given you consistent excellent customer Experience?

Have they had a positive impact in your life through their story? 

Please follow us and post your suggestions starting today on Instagram at #BeTheTonboAffect,:

Suggestion entries start NOW and END ON MAY 28pm @ MIDNIGHT Eastern Standard Time

Once we have evaluated our 30 favorite suggestions we will highlight one per day for everyday in June. You the community (Our Instagram Community) will have the vote for which you feel has the most impact according to the criteria shown here. The individual who suggested the top 5 that have the MOST positive comments (not just emojis) recieves a $99 Tonbo Affect Goody Bag. 

Voting Begins on June 1st for the whole month

Rules for your suggestions entry

MUST give good reasons why they fit the 5 values criteria and

  • Include photo’s (not required but will help)
  • Include yourself and them in your Instagram entry @...............  
  • Only 1 entry per person

PS – This competition is for US residents only, highlighting US based small and / or local community business.