The 5 Values of Tonbo Affect

The 5 Values of Tonbo Affect


Tonbo Affect is a values driven company, every decision that we make is based on fitting into ALL Five of the following values. Thus we want to attract others who have the same values we do. Careful consideration is made, by our team, AKA the Creative Corner,, on all services and products that we offer as well as with any business partners we collaborate with. Come join us #bethetonboaffect

Honest and Supportive Relationships:

Honesty is the best policy. Being honest with others is the key to a sound, healthy relationship. Sometimes the truth hurts, however it can give you the feedback needed to improve yourself. This leads to a supportive, loving relationship as your closest people can often be relied on for help in time of need.

Actions that foster communities to thrive:

Whether it’s the small community of your family, a social media group that you're interested in or a worldwide charitable organization we feel everyone should do their part, however big or small. By giving your service, knowledge or compassion to the community serves as a Win-Win. Not only do others get to benefit from your service, you also get to benefit as it builds your self-esteem, creates a feel-good factor and does wonders for your personal growth.

Equity Focused Solutions:

Tonbo Affect is under no illusions, LIFE IS TOUGH! Everyone needs a helping hand, however this should be done without discrimination. Not everyone needs the same help to reach the same goal. The important thing is to listen and acknowledge what help individuals need and give it to them appropriately - don’t Prejudge someone, Pre-Qualify what they need before you act.


Positive Growth Mindset:

We agree that having a positive growth mindset is the key to living a full life. Being a lifelong student at the university of life will enable you to learn more about yourself. The more you learn about yourself the more you can teach others and the more you teach others the more you learn about yourself. It's a nice big circle of learning which creates chemical reactions within the body that make you feel great when you know you're helping someone by giving them your knowledge.

Achieving Authentic Expression:

Everyone on the planet should have the benefit of freely expressing themselves. Tonbo Affect celebrates those who do it in an authentic fashion. Everyone of you have a talent inside and either want to show that to others or, more importantly, do it for yourself. Expressing yourself in an authentic manner means that you are more than likely in the ‘Present Moment’ - which feels great.