‘This Appalachian Flower Farmer is Regrowing Her Family’s History’

April 26th 2021 on Southern Living website there appeared a thrilling read titled ‘This Appalachian Flower Farmer is Regrowing Her Family’s History’. Authored by Katie Strasburg Russo, the article talks about Flower Farmer and entrepreneur Emily Copus and paints the picture of an idyllic lifestyle that is governed through purpose and community in a town called Marshall, just 20 miles north of Ashville, North Carolina.

Like any person who is courageous enough to be vulnerable and open, Emily talks about her struggles and her willingness to ask for help to find purpose in life. Emily seems to have so much gratitude for her family who have gone before her and that has helped her cultivate the way she lives life today. The representation of Emily’s gratitude can be summed up in a quote, from Emily, in the article, "The aptitude to read about plants and understand them in the natural world comes from a line of people who grew things before me and all around me."

There is a beautiful sensory appreciation, that Emily gets fulfilment from receiving and giving back to the natural world. To this end Emily suggests letting nature take its course and not to force plants to grown faster than intended. Quote from article, "If you're farming correctly, all of the natural elements are in balance."

In conclusion, author Katie Strasburg Russo gives a beautiful representation of Emily and her journey. We love it, as it encompasses some of the values that Tonbo Affect celebrates in others.

Some of these shared values are:

Honest and Supportive Relationships

Actions That Foster Communities to Thrive

Achieving Authentic Expression

We share so others can gain inspiration to do good things in this world. Join us in following Emily from Carolina flowers and author  / digital editor Katie from Southern Living on Instagram. Ladies, you should be proud of yourselves.


Tom Lacey