Tonbo Affect - Early Adopters thank you for the feedback

 Tonbo Affect wants to thank you, its early adopters, for taking the time to view our initial products and critique them, so in turn we can produce a more refined product and buying experience that you WANT.

As a company we're just getting started, and thought it would be cool to send our first two products out into the world and share our mission with our frineds and family. We sent out 30 samples of both Specialty Coffee and Essential Oils. We have received some GREAT feedback. Both good and constructive critique., some of which are highlighted here:

1) The Silver Bags for our Coffee beans seems to be a hit.

2) The taste of our coffees are enojed by all.

3) Our mission needs to be brought to the forefront of the business and is supported more than anything else.

In addition to these three highlights a few tweaks need to be made on labeling and the website for a more transparent user experience.

We are working on these changes right now.

We prescribe to a culture that inspires others to make change within their community and in turn the world. We want to thank those early adopters who we take on this journey, of not only inspiring individuals to become their best self they can be, aditionally for the WHY of Tonbo Affect. To change the way that information is provided to families who are affected by pediatric cancer.

We can only do this with your help. By you providing feedback we are able to keep doing things correctly and also changing needed parts to produce a remarkable experience for you. If we keep providing this remarkable experience the more we will be able to give back to cancer research and change families lives by providing sound, timely information that reduces the stress impact on already stressed out families.

Our obessession is product and customer experience, not metrics. We are focused on our mission and how we can affect change, Tonbo affect style change.

The reason why we call ourself Tonbo affect instead of effect is that affect means 'CHANGE'

Come join us on a journey in our mission to change lives #bethetonboaffect