About Us

Why Tonbo affect?

Tonbo Affect is an idea that grew from an unexpected event. In 2015 our son was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor at the age of 4. After surgery to remove his kidney and in remission, we decided we wanted to support others who would find themselves facing childhood cancer. We were grateful that he was still alive and felt it was our calling. Our plan was to open up a wellness center retreat for families of children who were undergoing treatment for cancer. Then COVD hit and we had to rethink our process. 

We took our enthusiasm for helping others online. We decided to nurture strategic partnerships to support people in developing their self-awareness and authentic expression, offering products and services to inform and shape this development. As we still have a desire to help families of childhood cancer patients / survivors, we also started a non-profit called DragonFly Gardens. We chose the dragonfly to represent our idea because in many cultures it represents transformation, adaptability, courage, and happiness. Tonbo is dragonfly in the Japanese language. This is what we experienced through our son and this is what we want to share with you. This is what it means to "Be the Tonbo Affect."


To recognize and champion the importance that each individual has in making a positive impact in their own lives and in the world.


Tonbo Affect, LLC exists to richen the mind, body, and spirit of individuals so that they are empowered and inspired in achieving a positive growth mindset. Our products stir and empower emotions to support authentic expression. Our services foster communities of like-minded people to thrive through equity-focused solutions and collaboration through honest and supportive relationships. Combined, these efforts are aimed at restoring purpose in life and achieving a positive impact on individual lives and the world.

At Tonbo affect, we achieve our mission by living though our 5 Values of Tonbo Affect.


  • Honest and supportive relationships
  • Actions that foster communities to thrive
  • Equity focused solutions
  • Positive growth mindset
  • Achieving authentic expression