Dragonfly Gardens

Dragonfly Gardens is our non-profit organization that deems to serve cancer patients and cancer survivors

The reason WHY Dragonfly Gardens started was the founder's son, Luke was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor at 4 years old. Luckily it was encapsulated within the kidney, so a kidney removal gave him hope. Luke is a cancer survivor and now Dragonfly Gardens serves families of cancer patients and survivors both in the UK, where he was treated and in the US, where he undergoes healthcare check ups.

Our Mission is to provide families with very succinct information so that they focus on what's important in life, the health and wellbeing of the patient and their family . It can be overwhelming for a family of a cancer patient, as often they get information overload coming from all different directions with people wanting to help. Sometimes it's just too much. We work on specific projects and collaborate with other organizations to condense that information for the benefit of families. 

Please go to our Dragonfly Gardens page (show link) to see what the latest project that we are working on