the Senses

Affect (verb) means to impact or change. At Tonbo, we believe that we can impact our emotions by awakening the senses. All Tonbo products are specially handpicked in order to achieve just that - the awakening of your senses. We work with strategic partners to develop and produce our products with this as our core objective. We consider a total of seven senses, consisting of taste, smell, sight, auditory, touch, body position (proprioception), and vestibular (movement). As we grow, products and services will be added with the aim of awakening these senses and positively affect emotions.

When you purchase something from Tonbo, you will notice a reference to one (or more) of the senses are listed on the label or packaging. Below, read about what we are doing to awaken your senses.


Tonbo has partnered with a coffee enthusiast and expert to bring you direct trade selections to tantalize your [taste] buds and your [smell[. By forming honest and supportive relationships with the farmers who sell their products, our Coffee Partner maintains a commitment to a high-quality product that also helps farmers. Direct trade means you enjoy the highest quality specialty coffee while participating in ethical consumerism.

Be sure to visit The Blog Affect for interesting and educational resources about specialty coffee that will inform what Tonbo coffee you are most likely to enjoy, whether it is a special occasion or part of your everyday routine.


Empower yourself with the magic and whimsy of the dragonfly. Across cultures, the dragonfly represents courage, strength, and happiness. The Tonbo Jewelry has been selected to represent this symbolism while capturing the eye with the vibrant colors and playful charms. 

Visit Tonbo jewlery and discover your favorite bling, whether it is a special occasion or part of your everyday vision of your authentic expression.


Relationships are at the core of Tonbo Affect. Thanks to our Essential Oil partner we are able to bring you an array of products that will heighten your sense of smell and allow you to enjoy clean products that support your authentic expression. Of course, oils are also contribute to your sense of touch. 

Visit Tonbo essential oils and discover your favorite scent, whether it is a special occasion or part of your everyday routine. #BeTheTonboEffect.